What Our People Say

what people say about savilleThe Saville family is a happy family…see what they say!

When people are happy about something, they love to talk about it…here’s what they say:

“It’s important for me to be part of a firm that fosters my career growth.  With hard work, I believe I am on a good career path which will lead me to a partner status.”

“I started at one of the Big 4 firms but didn’t get the type of hands on experience with clients that I wanted. When I moved over to Saville, I was given a great deal of responsibility – that allows me to learn not only the basics but advanced audit work.”

“We have great clients.  I have developed professional relationships with some influential leaders in Dallas…now that’s exciting.”

“I appreciate that our leadership takes the time to teach me what they know.  I have gained valuable knowledge and insight into the industry and services we offer.”

“I am thankful for the many friendships and mentors at Saville, the faith preserve and community service projects. I am thankful for the work-life balance. I’m thankful to actually see women as partners- women with children- it can be done! Thank you, Saville, for the different you make in the lives of your employees, clients, and community. You do make a difference!”   -Stephanie Sanford

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