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GET TO KNOW DAVID: David has been providing excellent service to clients since 1982 – admitted as partner ten years later.  In addition to working with service professionals like attorneys and doctors, David particularly enjoys working with faith-based non-profit organizations helping them reach their ministry goals. See more details about his experience and qualifications here on his bio.

Now, see below to find how he helps his clients sleep well at night…

David’s approach to business is to very client-focused. He wants to know what makes them tick. “When I meet with a client over coffee,” he says, “one of the first things I want to know is what is keeping them awake at night. What is the one thing they feel most anxious about and could use some help with from a trusted advisor?”

He wants to be able to reassure his clients that they are taken care of and can trust him with their needs.  “Most business owners are on an island and need someone who will listen, provide guidance and help build their business while building trust” he explains. An example: “A client recently called concerned that he has done a poor job organizing his financial records and worried about what would happen if he was ever examined by the IRS. I explained that we keep the supporting tax data in our files and that he was not on the IRS Top Ten List of likely audits. He was greatly relieved. It was a small thing to me but a big thing to him.”

When asked about his family life, he was quick with an enthusiastic answer, “I am blessed to have a great wife, Rachel, and three terrific sons. One is in seminary at Fort Worth preparing for a life of ministry. One is a golf instructor at a golf club in Lewisville. And my third son is about to enter college and enjoys flying and playing golf with his dad. My church family at Prestonwood Baptist Church is an important part of my life as Rachel and I are directors of a Bible fellowship class. And I am fortunate to work with my Saville family of great partners and professional staff over the past 30 years.”debook

David enjoys reading books about successful athletes and business leaders and how they dealt with obstacles to achieve success. A favorite is “Talent Is Never Enough” by John C. Maxwell. David says, “Many people are talented but are not always successful. It’s what you add to your talent that makes the difference.” He also enjoyed reading “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews saying, “Sometimes we need a little perspective and an alternative way to think about things.”

Adding to his personal insight, David admits to loving golf…even as a “high handicapper”, he says, “I enjoy playing it, watching it and reading about it, always searching for the repeatable golf swing.

Advice and Insight

David enjoys helping clients save taxes. “With the passage of the most recent 2012 tax act, most everyone is feeling the impact of increased federal and state income taxes. The tax code is 1.3 million pages long and complex,” he says. But he believes that with proper tax reduction strategies, there are opportunities to “make maximum use of deductions and exclusions that are available to most clients.”

He also enjoys being the trusted advisor for closely-held family businesses and entrepreneurs. “Many business owners are good at what they do best,” he reflects, “But most don’t have a business plan.” He believes that business owners often need help setting goals, measuring progress, budgeting, controlling costs, managing cash flow and getting bottom-line results.

David offers some reflective advice as we finish our last sips of coffee, “Decide what you are passionate about and enjoy doing. Then strive to do it better than anybody else.”

And when asked what was the best advice he was given by a business peer and/or from a personal peer, he said, “Problems are nothing more than opportunities to make something better.”


BBABusiness Administration ~ Baylor University


Certified Public Accountant, Texas


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants


Real Estate, Professional Services, High Net-Worth Individuals, Non-Profit Organizations


Tax Compliance, Tax Planning, and Advisory, Business Advisory



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