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Saville, Dodgen & Company wants to get reacquainted with you. Our goal is for you to be fully informed of our services, our people and their areas of expertise. Look for upcoming “coffee breaks” as we reintroduce ourselves to you. You never know what you will find out…


John P. Boyd, CPA, CMA

GET TO KNOW JOHN: John Boyd joined Saville in 1998 and was admitted as partner in 2006. He brings wide-ranging experience from over 20 years of combined public and industry experience. Two areas of expertise he has are working with high net worth entrepreneurs and working with real estate funds. Real estate and high net worth individuals who are business owners have been his primary focus while at Saville. “I try to be an outside counselor on their overall financial picture,” John says.

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Now, let’s have Coffee with John (well, he will have a Coke since he doesn’t drink coffee)…

We found that John is passionate about serving others, specifically his elders. “Generally I’m not a patient person, but for whatever reason, God granted me the patience and the heart to serve older people, and He continues to put them in my life,” John says. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to friend those who are 20, 30, or 40 years older than him. “I enjoy their wisdom and their stories,” he adds.

One man in his nineties, a grandfather-like figure to John, once told him, “Making money and being successful… that’s all good. But don’t forget John, when you get my age it’s not about the size of your bank account or the things you’ve accumulated, it’s all about the memories you’ve made. It’s about the people you spent time with and not the tangibles.” John follows up this advice with, “Older people have a great way of putting things in perspective.”

John is from New York...TexasWe wanted to know if there was anything we need to about John. He responds, “I’m a pretty open guy. There isn’t much that people don’t know about me. However, not everyone knows that I am from New York…. Texas. My accent won’t let me fool anyone for too long. My hometown didn’t have a high school or even a stoplight. It was a stop sign kind of town.


Advice and Insight

Right off the bat, John shares that “I’m a problem solver. I’m usually questioning my clients and drawing out information. What they choose to share with me would dictate our conversations over a cup of coffee. Each one of my clients is unique. I like to discuss the challenges and the successes they are facing, but I also prefer to listen.” He thinks it is best for his clients to focus on the strategic goal, rather than the “fire drill” of the day. He says, “I have found that many successful entrepreneurs get locked into a mode of just continuing to pour themselves into their business even though from a financial prospective they have reached the point where they have the opportunity to focus more of their time and energy into their highest priorities, family, faith, community & etc.  I think some the best advice I have ever given was to point this out.”

John recalls his first job out of college… he worked for a man who would always answer “Outstanding!” when asked how he was doing. No matter what his circumstance, the answer never changed. One day, John asked him how he could be “outstanding” every day of the year. He answered, “I learned a long time ago that you create your own environment. If you have a positive outlook, it puts you into a positive frame of mind and influences the people around you.” John passes on this lesson, “I think everyone can benefit from that piece of advice.”


BBA Business ~ University of Texas at Tyler


Certified Public Accountant, Texas, Certified Management Accountant


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, PeerSpan (formerly the National Association of Real Estate Companies)


Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing and Distribution, High Net-Worth Individuals


Assurance, Business & Transaction Advisory



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