Firm Accomplishments

Firm Accomplishments Resolved technical issues for a $500 million group of real estate developments on financial reporting matters, such as: Determined the appropriate method of consolidation for a multi-tiered group of ownership and operating entities in accordance with variable and voting interest entity rules; Joint venture investments; Noncontrolling interests; and Impairment of real estate assets in development.

accomplismentsAdvised a publicly traded services company on properly reporting current and deferred income taxes from operations and in connection with the acquisition of a domestic entity with substantially all of its operations in foreign jurisdictions.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyAdvised a non-profit organization with the creation of a supporting foundation and the reporting of affiliated transactions and beneficial interests.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyIdentified $335,000 in amounts that were due to a client from its customers as a result of billing errors. Our client was successful in recovering these funds.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyProvided financial reporting services for two privately-held real estate investment partnerships with real estate holdings in domestic and foreign locations. During engagement provided financial reporting research and advised on consolidation matters, impairments analyses, dispositions of assets, investments structured as tenants-in-common, purchase price allocations, interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange derivatives, and changes in the structure of entities. Also advised these partnerships on the structuring of transactions and topside adjustments.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyAdvised a publicly traded company with existing and newly issued financial reporting rules on matters involving the consolidation of entities where the company receives fees in accordance with variable interest entity standards.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyPerformed audits on a group of investment funds with investment holdings in domestic and foreign hedge funds, in accordance with investment company fair value accounting, including hard-to-value asset holdings.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyProvided accounting services for a publicly listed REIT in connection with the purchase price allocation of real estate investments, EPS calculations, equity transactions, and the capitalization of real estate assets.

Saville, Dodgen & CompanyResearched and provided solutions for real estate developments on the capitalization of direct and indirect costs associated with real estate assets. This analysis included developments with amenities, contractual arrangements with municipal authorities, and those with changes to the original development plans.