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What generally happens over coffee?



Saville, Dodgen & Company wants to get reacquainted with you. Our goal is for you to be fully informed of our services, our people and their areas of expertise. Look for upcoming “coffee breaks” as we reintroduce ourselves to you. You never know what you will find out…

Here, you will see about our group. To learn more about individual partners, check out the “Previous Coffee Chats” in the sidebar to your right and click on the name you want to know more about. We will be adding a new one each month.


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THE PARTNERS: Really, we are just like you. We each have our own set of skills that we are developing and perfecting… so we can use them to your advantage. Over the next few months, you will see how each individual contributes to the firm. But first, we think you should know a little about our history. Like when the firm’s only piece of technology was an orange and white copier.

Saville, Dodgen & Company PLLC was founded by John Saville and Allen Dodgen in 1965 and has grown into one of the best and most reputable middle-market firms in the DFW metroplex. With a rich history, things have evolved quite a bit from its early days when the firm’s only piece of technology was an orange and white copier. Click here for the full history.

Financial Integrity & Loyalty

The firm’s atmosphere and core principles were established by John Saville and Allen Dodgen. Financial integrity and loyal, personal client relationships have always been what Saville is about. However, Saville and Dodgen were both very different men, and possessed contrasting personalities.

Managing Partner, Clint Pugh reflected, “John was more about relationships than anything else. Allen was more of a keep your head down and work your tail off kind of guy. He was bottom-line driven and very technical. They were good friends in a different kind of way. They trusted each other implicitly. They were just very different. When John retired in 1992, he turned in his parking card and said he didn’t need his office anymore. He truly retired and was not involved in the business at all. When Allen retired, he still wanted access to his office and to be involved.”


We really do want to hear from you!

At Saville, our spirit is founded upon a sincere faith-based value belief. We encourage our team to consistently build their futures and grow both professionally and personally. Our principles center around a triad approach of a client-centric focus, community involvement and career development.

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