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Your expertise is law. Ours helps you focus on it.

Your expertise is law. Our expertise is helping you focus on it. Regardless of its size, location, or area of practice, like most businesses, every law firm goes through a series of phases throughout its existence. Firms can experience prosperous times as well as hard times when tough decisions and actions are required. Often, they need help from someone who understands the business of law and can be a trusted advisor in good times or bad.

Saville provides specialized business support for law firms through a range of professional services. From tax advice to accounting and management support, Saville’s professional services help law firms anticipate issues, address problems, and implement solutions.

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Plan Ahead

Some of the services we offer include:

Financial Accounting

  • Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping
  • Monthly financial dashboard reporting
  • Accounting internal controls and processes
  • Time & billing/accounting software selection

Financial Management

  • Improve firm profitability
  • Create annual financial plans
  • Examine cash flow
  • Set billing rates and perform analysis on results
  • Perform timekeeper profitability analysis
  • Compare financial results to industry benchmarks


  • Objective vs. subjective system
  • Partner/owner compensation
  • Setting monthly draws
  • Non-equity compensation
  • Associate compensation


  • Owner strategic tax planning
  • Firm tax planning and compliance
  • Multi-state and international

Performance Bench-marking and Trend Analysis

  • Partner Buy-in/Termination
  • Firm Valuation
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Retirement Planning

IRS Representation


New Firm DirectionNew Firm Direction

New firms need a well-devised plan to help build the business. We assist entrepreneurs and new entities with start-up planning, including:

  • Formation/entity selection
  • Accounting controls and procedures
  • Software selection
  • Management reporting
  • Cultural factors

Systematize Processes to Realize Results

As the field of law grows with increased competition, clients are now savvier… and also more demanding. With such progress comes responsibility. We help managing partners with billable hours, cost control, cash flow improvement, and more. By identifying areas to improve, we help partners progress—and improve profits.


Some of the ways we help firms realize results include:

  • Improving partner profitability
  • Maximizing owner after-tax earnings
  • Financial management reporting
  • Managing overhead
  • Managing cash flow
  • Retirement/succession planning


Ask Us Anything

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