Trainor Evans: Saville Spotlight

Putting the spotlight on Saville Client, Trainor Evans

A couple of weeks ago, Billy Bob Messer, an Audit Manager and Lynsay Quinn, our marketing guru, sat down with Trainor Evans with Rios of Mercedes to get his Saville story. Rios of Mercedes has been a well-known, craftsmen boot maker for over 160 years. Trainor Evans, longtime friend of Allen Dodgen, has owned Rios of Mercedes for over 40 years. They specialize in handmade, quality leather boots and are located in Mercedes, Texas. They pride themselves in doing the right thing and consider their staff as family.

Trainor Evans Saville Spotlight

What attracted you to Saville?

My wife’s family had been longtime friends of Johnny Saville and my wife, Karen and I used Allen Dodgen for our income tax returns, even though we lived up in Colorado at the time. We continued to use Saville for our personal tax returns even after we went into the boot business and in 2011, although Allen was retired, we finally switched over our company returns and reviews to Saville. We’d always been impressed by the caliber of work and the special attention to detail.

What about Saville has made you stay with us?

I really like Saville’s no nonsense approach and the way they go about their business. They are extremely thorough and it’s gotten better and easier every year. I rarely have questions because they explain things so well. Everyone is on the same page and I trust everyone I’ve worked with. Manufacturing is not a common type of business and they’ve made it easy for me to pinpoint what I want. They also always listen to my suggestions. Now sometimes we don’t always go that direction, but they at least listen and take it into consideration.

How do you feel that your values & goals align with those of Saville’s?

On a personal basis, we align perfectly. Y’all are just good, Christian people. That makes me feel a little more at home and at ease. I think Saville does a great job of not putting up with any foolishness, they are very straightforward. It’s always about the people, numbers are important but at the end of the day, they put their clients first.

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